Day 245; Another Country Sunrise

Day 245 of 365; Another Country Sunrise

We all give so much attention to the sunset.. but lets not forget that every morning the sun rises in order for a new day to begin… and it is ever so beautiful!!!!

Sunrise in Caryville, Wisconsin


Day 244; September Sunshine…

Day 244 of 365; September Sunshine…

Oh I just LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. September! Bugs are few, sunshine is radiant. Perfect adventure weather.

I took my kids and a neighborhood kid/friend on a little adventure tonight to Big Falls County Park in Eau Claire.

On the way home, the sunset was breath taking, so we pulled over on the side of a Country Road between Eau Claire and Rock Falls and took a few photos with my iphone…

This is me.. doing what I love most. 🙂

Day 243; To 2nd Grade He goes….

Day 243 of 365; To 2nd Grade He goes….

“But I’m scared, I don’t know where to go!!!”

“But I don’t know what to do with all of the stuff in my desk!!!!”


“I don’t know where to sit on the bus !!!”

Sound familiar? Those are the words I heard out of my seven year old son today as I was helping him get ready for his first day of 2nd grade.

Those words… along with many tears. I had a talk with him, and he marched away happily to the bus, then mid happy march he busted out in tears again! Oh what this does to a mothers heart…!

I did squeeze a smile and a kind-of smile out of him for his ‘first day of 2nd grade photo’ ..required by mom, hated by kid(s).

So here he is… with his kind of smile and big smile;

After I took the above photos, my 3 year old daughter started crying and screamed “I CANT GO!!!” & it was then that I realized this whole time I was talking to my son about having to go to school, and talking about getting on the bus, my poor little 3 year old thought I was talking to HER! The poor little girl. I then had to sit and calm her down and tell her she got to stay home with mommy today.

I pray he has a great day, and I know as soon as he sees all of his friends on the bus and in his classroom, his fear of the first day will be long gone…

{Ok I do admit I helped some of the tears vanish by telling him Id take him for ice cream and a hike to see some waterfalls after school..but I figured it would give him something happy to think about if he’s feeling sad or scared,that,..and I sure could go for some ice cream after a morning like this! 😉 }

How DID (or do) your kids handle their first day of school?!! Let’s hear about it!

Day 242; Fake smiling flowers…//Fun Photo Props

Day 242 of 365; Fake smiling flowers…

When taking photographs, I try to keep props, and everything as natural as possible, but when photographing little Lucy, I thought it would be fun to use some of my daughters fake smiling flowers….

This is just a photo of my daughter holding up one of the flowers…

& here is how HAPPY Lucy was to use the smiling flowers on her session with me;

Day 241; Display your treasures in a beautiful way

Day 241 of 365; Display your treasures in a beautiful way

I have a rustic/cottage chic/natural decor-themed home. I believe in keeping things simple, re-using items for new purposes and keeping it as natural as possible.

I have had a BIG bag of beach glass and rocks in a drawer for a long time, and yesterday while browsing the (OH SO FUN) isles of TJ MAXX I came across a clear glass bowl for only $3.00! I couldn’t resist, when I saw the bowl, I automatically was reminded of my Grandmother, the soft bird & butterfly painting on the side looked like something she would have painted or had displayed in her home. Upon seeing the bowl I also know instantly what I would use it for.

A chic and cute way to display my treasures from the beach;

Day 240; Menomonie, Wi Country Sunset

Day 240 of 365; Menomonie, Wi Country Sunset

A very quick iphone shot on my way back to Rock Falls, on County Road E in Menomonie…

Day 239; Friends & Family .. =full.

Day 239; Friends &; Family .. =full.

What a happy and fulfilling day today. We started the morning off with our good friends who were married the day before, watching them open their wedding presents-such a joyful time!

Then we picked up our kids in Pine City, MN and headed over to Forest Lake, Minnesota to visit my Grandpa and spent the evening on the deck, eating dinner and enjoying the beautiful lake.

Grandma's flower garden..