Day 249: drops of dew..

Day 249 of 365; Live like drops of dew

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” ~Rabindranath Tagore

Morning drop of dew on my morning glories...


Day 247; Tis the season of wildflowers and caterpillars.

Day 247 of 365; Tis the season of wildflowers and caterpillars.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” ~Emma Goldman

{…agree with the above quote..& I would rather have wild flowers picked from the side of the road on my table, then any rose 🙂 }

Such a beautiful time of year. The wild flowers are FULL in bloom every where I drive.

I stopped to pick some yesterday and almost { accidentally } took home a few little critters along with the flowers;)

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Day 235; A garden of peacefulness

Day 235 of 365; A garden of peacefulness

“Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity.” ~Lindley Karstens

What a glorious evening…

My neighbors daughter found a sweet and sticky little tree frog, so I ran inside to get my SLR Camera, and we attempted to get him to stick to one of the flowers in my garden…this photo was taken after he jumped off about 2 times… what a cute little guy ….

Tree Frog on pink flower by Kelly Whitman.. if interested in this for print or web use, contact Kelly

Other photos while relaxing in my garden this evening… {All of the following photos were taken with my iphone and edited with the photoshop express app}

Wind chimes.. remind me of visiting my Grandparents house on Forest Lake, & sitting outside on a Summer night hearing them chime...

Old Chairs look fabulous in a garden...

Grasshopper resting on my sons bball hoop, I had my iphone pretty much right on top of him to get this photo..!

My daughter Camryn smelling a flower.

Sweet Camryn, Im so happy that at just the age of 3 she is enjoying the simple things in life, as I do...

I love an evening with nothing to do but enjoy the outdoors, and sit & observe the little things in my garden.. and just

Day 230; Sunflowers at sunset…

Day 230 of 365; Sunflowers at sunset…

Tonight is such an ideal Summer evening. Cool breeze, beautiful clouds, beautiful sunset and a storm rolling in off in the distance.

All while the sunflowers in my garden are still reaching high towards the evening sun…

…trying to soak up each last sunshine ray they can before night arrives..ready for a new day full again of Summer sun.

Day 228; Bumble Bee Summer…

Day 228; Bumble Bee Summer

Above photo was taken with my iphone (I am super impressed with the quality of photos you can create via an iphone), in my back flower garden.

The bumble bee’s have been very sufficient in my gardens this year, I love them .. some people fear them, but if you just stop and watch them..and look closely enough, you will see how beautiful they really are!

Day 158; Nature Prints //Outdoor Photographs For Sale by Kelly Whitman

Day 158 of 365; Nature Prints //Outdoor Photographs For Sale by Kelly Whitman

Besides photo sessions I also offer MANY different nature & misc. prints for sale…

Here are two of my own photos displayed in my own home (as taken with my iphone)

Abandoned Windmill in Big Bend National Park-Texas, 2009 , by Kelly Whitman /KelMarie Studios

Road to the mountains. Big Bend National Park-Texas by Kelly Whitman / KelMarie Studios

To visit my website//shop, jump on over HERE ! Enjoy, browse, and have fun. I offer all sizes of prints, including beautiful canvas wraps!

Day 154; The calm of the color purple…

Day 153; The calm of the color purple…

I do not recall this, but my older sister has reminded me of it a few times. When I was really little, my big sister told me that I couldn’t like the color pink because it was her favorite… so I had no choice but to pick another color- so I chose the color purple. {This makes me chuckle, just a little bit}

Now I love every color, and appreciate that us humans can see ANY color at all. But the color purple, has such a calming effect. Many of my perennial flowers are now blooming out in my garden, and I just love looking at them. This morning after watering my flowers, I noticed how beautiful the Iris’ looked with the water drops on them.

I normally would have grabbed my big SLR Camera, but this time I thought I would try to take a nice “macro” style photo using just my iphone. I edited the photo using the Instagram App {LOVE Instagram, if you use it on your iphone make sure to find me on there; kel_marie }.

…{now tell me, does the color purple calm you?!}

To see a fresh image of an Iris in full beautiful bloom that I took this morning WITH my SLR camera, just visit here.