Day 248;A Jeep of my very own.

Day 248 of 365; A Jeep of my very own.

Ever since my off-road trip in Ouray, Colorado when my sister and I rented a Jeep Wrangler, I have a new found love for Wranglers.

I have wanted one ever since that trip.

Well…I finally did save up enough money to buy my very OWN first Wrangler!!!

It has amazing suspension, a great color..just needs a quick alignment and could REALLY use a bigger coffee cup holder.

What do you think?!!!! :


Okay… I should have a REAL one by next Spring! 🙂 Until..this one will just have to do. 😮


Day 243; To 2nd Grade He goes….

Day 243 of 365; To 2nd Grade He goes….

“But I’m scared, I don’t know where to go!!!”

“But I don’t know what to do with all of the stuff in my desk!!!!”


“I don’t know where to sit on the bus !!!”

Sound familiar? Those are the words I heard out of my seven year old son today as I was helping him get ready for his first day of 2nd grade.

Those words… along with many tears. I had a talk with him, and he marched away happily to the bus, then mid happy march he busted out in tears again! Oh what this does to a mothers heart…!

I did squeeze a smile and a kind-of smile out of him for his ‘first day of 2nd grade photo’ ..required by mom, hated by kid(s).

So here he is… with his kind of smile and big smile;

After I took the above photos, my 3 year old daughter started crying and screamed “I CANT GO!!!” & it was then that I realized this whole time I was talking to my son about having to go to school, and talking about getting on the bus, my poor little 3 year old thought I was talking to HER! The poor little girl. I then had to sit and calm her down and tell her she got to stay home with mommy today.

I pray he has a great day, and I know as soon as he sees all of his friends on the bus and in his classroom, his fear of the first day will be long gone…

{Ok I do admit I helped some of the tears vanish by telling him Id take him for ice cream and a hike to see some waterfalls after school..but I figured it would give him something happy to think about if he’s feeling sad or scared,that,..and I sure could go for some ice cream after a morning like this! 😉 }

How DID (or do) your kids handle their first day of school?!! Let’s hear about it!