Day 241; Display your treasures in a beautiful way

Day 241 of 365; Display your treasures in a beautiful way

I have a rustic/cottage chic/natural decor-themed home. I believe in keeping things simple, re-using items for new purposes and keeping it as natural as possible.

I have had a BIG bag of beach glass and rocks in a drawer for a long time, and yesterday while browsing the (OH SO FUN) isles of TJ MAXX I came across a clear glass bowl for only $3.00! I couldn’t resist, when I saw the bowl, I automatically was reminded of my Grandmother, the soft bird & butterfly painting on the side looked like something she would have painted or had displayed in her home. Upon seeing the bowl I also know instantly what I would use it for.

A chic and cute way to display my treasures from the beach;


Day 240; Menomonie, Wi Country Sunset

Day 240 of 365; Menomonie, Wi Country Sunset

A very quick iphone shot on my way back to Rock Falls, on County Road E in Menomonie…

Day 239; Friends & Family .. =full.

Day 239; Friends &; Family .. =full.

What a happy and fulfilling day today. We started the morning off with our good friends who were married the day before, watching them open their wedding presents-such a joyful time!

Then we picked up our kids in Pine City, MN and headed over to Forest Lake, Minnesota to visit my Grandpa and spent the evening on the deck, eating dinner and enjoying the beautiful lake.

Grandma's flower garden..

Day 238; A beautiful Minnesota wedding

Day 238 of 365; A beautiful Minnesota wedding

Today I photographed a wedding around the areas of Fridley & Arden Hills,Minnesota. What A PICTURE PERFECT day!!!

Here are just 3 quick photos from the beautiful day ;

Bride & Groom enjoying a special moment together before their wedding ceremony. By Kelly Whitman

This one makes me giggle. Wedding Party = DISGUSTED by the Groom/Brides Kiss. By Kelly Whitman.

Flower girl in the woods.... by Kelly Whitman

More photos from their special day will soon be posted on my business Facebook PAGE within the next 2 weeks! 🙂

If you or someone you know will be having a small outdoor wedding, contact me for information about having your wedding day adventure captured!!! or visit my Website.

Day 237; To the city

Day 237 of 365; To the city

Today we are headed to Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area to get ready for a friends wedding on Saturday.

What a beautiful day to be in the city………

Heading to the rehearsal in Fridley, Minnesota

I ended my day at Pro Kart watching the guys’ of the wedding party have fun on the go-karts for some fun the night before the wedding;

Day 236; From 0-3 in the blink of an eye

Day 236 of 365; From 0-3 in the blink of an eye

My little angel turned 3 today… where oh where did those first 3 years go??!

She is such an animated, sweet, determined, caring, compassionate, FUNNY and SILLY little three year old.

I love her to pieces….

Here are 3 quick photos I took using my iphone… (She was sick on her her 3 year Bday Pics will be taken next week}

Day 233; Hanging history in my home; Wood Crate turned into a shelf

Day 233 of 365; Hanging history in my home; Wood Crate turned into a shelf

Today I had inspiration to do a VERY SIMPLE D I Y Project.

By taking an old wooden crate passed down to me from family. {It was just sitting in my basement not being used, and I wanted it to have purpose in my home, so I decided it was time to hang some history up on my walls}

I simply measured the crate’s width and depth, then hand-cut {to give the new shelf a rough look} a piece of scrap wood to the measurements of the crate. Slid the shelf inside of the crate, Drilled in 4 holes on each side of the crate and slightly into the new board, the simply screwed in 4 screws into the pre-drilled holes..and I had my shelf. This crate already have a hole on the back (Bottom) side of it, but if it didn’t all I would have needed to do was drill a small hole the size of the nail I would be using to hang it up on my wall.

I still have yet to lightly stain the board to give it a rustic/dirty/aged look to match the rest of the crate..when I do so, I will update this post with another photo of it 100% completed.

Here are the photos from my project;

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