Day 233; Hanging history in my home; Wood Crate turned into a shelf

Day 233 of 365; Hanging history in my home; Wood Crate turned into a shelf

Today I had inspiration to do a VERY SIMPLE D I Y Project.

By taking an old wooden crate passed down to me from family. {It was just sitting in my basement not being used, and I wanted it to have purpose in my home, so I decided it was time to hang some history up on my walls}

I simply measured the crate’s width and depth, then hand-cut {to give the new shelf a rough look} a piece of scrap wood to the measurements of the crate. Slid the shelf inside of the crate, Drilled in 4 holes on each side of the crate and slightly into the new board, the simply screwed in 4 screws into the pre-drilled holes..and I had my shelf. This crate already have a hole on the back (Bottom) side of it, but if it didn’t all I would have needed to do was drill a small hole the size of the nail I would be using to hang it up on my wall.

I still have yet to lightly stain the board to give it a rustic/dirty/aged look to match the rest of the crate..when I do so, I will update this post with another photo of it 100% completed.

Here are the photos from my project;

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