Day 229; Caterpillar in the drivers seat

Day 229 of 365; Caterpillar in the drivers seat

Well.. I went to look at a home for sale that was a forclosure/ bank-owned home I was curious about.. it was on a beautiful lot of 2 acres and needed some work, … but felt like home to me. The more I go home shopping,..and with each home I look at, the more I find what it is I want in a home (it’s kind of like dating isn’t it?).

I returned from walking around the land and house ..back to my car…to find this…….

…sitting on my drivers seat. At first glance I thought it was a little leaf that had blown into my car, and was about 1 cm. away from picking it up when I realized it was no leaf at all, but a little…odd looking caterpillar!

Look closely at everything in your life today… maybe you will see things in a new & different way.


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