Day 222; Bathroom Project//DIY Re-do Complete

Day 222 of 365; Bathroom Project/DIY Re-do Complete

(This post also relates to Day 189 and Day 195)

I COMPLETED SOMETHING! Wahooooo! Doesn’t it feel so great to complete something on your to-do list, cross if off with a big bold marker, or write the words “DONE” next to it?!!!

This morning I finished up some work in the bathroom I have been slowly working away on, (and I even admit, I wanted to give up on-part way through).

I Painted the Bathroom Door White
Sanded, Primed, and Painted the entire bathroom vanity cupboards
Installed 2 new towel hooks (from Target) on the back of the bathroom door
Drilled holes in the vanity drawers & cupboard doors &
Installed new knobs (From Menards)

Here are photos from this project;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I spent UNDER $20 on this entire project ..I’d say that beats paying several hundreds of dollars on an entire new bathroom vanity!!!


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