Day 220; Remembering while looking up

Day 220 of 365; Remembering while looking up

After working on photos I was on my drive home and I must say, driving is one of my TOP hobbies. I simply love being in my car, windows down, sunroof open, feeling the wind in my hair, on my face, hanging my arm out the window–feeling the world pass me by.

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As I drive I don’t just focus on the road ahead of me (no I’m not an unsafe driver, never been in an accident that was my fault , no worries 🙂 ).. but I take time to look up.. at the sky ahead. There is something so serene, so beautiful about the way the clouds were on my drive today, something that gave me a comforting feeling, and it made me remember people I have lost that I love, and while looking up… I remember them, and I will never forget.

I feel blessed to have discovered photography, it has given me a whole new set of eyes.


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