Day 219; A little sip of mocha helps the work get done

Day 219 of 365; A little sip of mocha helps the work get done

Today is a day of GETTING THINGS DONE! Unfortunately I don’t have WI-FI access out in the great little country town of Rock Falls, (not a happy thing for a photographer!) so I am trying to buckle down and use Mondays as my days to head into town, find some Wi-Fi at my “office of choice” for the day and upload photos from the week to online galleries, facebook, and the blog etc.

I haven’t bought a mocha from anywhere since winter time, I had missed them at first, but then replaced them with just plain coffee…and Dr Pepper (oh how I love Dr Pepper!) & today I gave in, at Panera Bread and bought a small mocha… oh yum, my taste-buds did a little dance, and it brought back warm memories from the last time(s) I had sipped mochas all last Winter, Fall, and Summer.

I will soon be updating my online galleries with many of my photos from my adventures to Colorado, and the east side of Wisconsin/Lake Michigan area. All of my photos are always for sale on my Gallery site, and I offer a big variety of images and products, from cars to flowers to barns, to regular prints to large canvas prints, go take a look!!!

I will also be updating my business facebook page as well with many images from my Summer adventures, and often have sales and give-a-ways only valid to my Facebook Fans and Followers! So make sure to visit and click “like” !

And… back to sipping my mocha and working on wedding photos from the last outdoor wedding!!!

Have a beautiful Monday everyone- and don’t forget to look up take time to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL clouds in the Chippewa Valley today! 🙂


2 comments on “Day 219; A little sip of mocha helps the work get done

  1. nikkie says:

    That’s such a positive post, like it! And like mocha!!

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