Day 216; A day with my girl

Day 216 of 365; A day with my girl

My 7 year old son is gone for 3-4 days with his Aunt camping in Minnesota, so (when my husbands at work) it has been just me and my girl. She is quite a different girl when her big brother isn’t around-there is no SCREAMING coming out of her sweet angelic little face. Amazing, isn’t it?

Today I took her to do some shopping, and bumming around Eau Claire. We started at The Shed in Altoona, where I got an antique apple bucket which also came with pretend apples-that seriously feel and look real (oh, they also sound real when my daughter kept dropping them on the floors 😉 ). We then headed to Menards where she was LOVING looking at all of the cabinet knobs, and drawer pulls!

Next was browsing and dreaming at Ashley Furniture, where she would run (as fast as her little feet would carry her) to a couch and say “MY LIKE THIS ONE for my room momma!!!” Future interior designer here? Hmm! 🙂

Then of course, since we were right there-we couldn’t bypass TJ MAXX-where she also showed several indications that she has a thing for home design 😉

Final stop …was … BORDERS to sit, read, wander..and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells of the bookstore before it finally goes out of business (big tear here..)

& we enjoyed the sunset all the way back home to Rock Falls and finished the night snuggling on the couch watching Dora Pirate Adventure.

To me, that is almost a perfect day!


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