Day 212; Waking up to Lake Michigan

Day 212 of 365; Waking up to Lake Michigan

There is nothing more exciting then getting to a hotel or campground in the dark-not knowing exactly what is around you-not knowing what you will see when you wake up.

Nothing like opening the hotel room curtain as the sun is rising to see where it is you are at, to open the zipper on the tent and step outside and turn 360 degrees to view the beauty that surrounds you.

This morning my son and I had the pleasure of waking up to the beauty of Lake Michigan…

We started the day exploring… Lowes ( I couldn’t resist;) ) then spent the rest of the day exploring the town(s) of Manitowoc and Two Rivers and towards sunset packed up a little picnic and enjoyed the sunset as a storm was passing by on the beach/Lake Michigan…

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My son enjoying the beach….


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