Day 201; Caterpillar’s, spiders and houses

Day 201 of 365; Caterpillar’s, spiders and houses

I went to look at a house in Caryville, Wi …on 2.2 acres, just BEAUTIFUL! The house needs work and is a project-but that has never scared me away, I want to finish a house how “I” want it anyways!

As I was going to leave and get back into my car…there was a HUGE hairy black spider on my dash, and then I noticed, what I thought was a stick on the head-rest of my drivers’ seat, I had the spider smushed, and then I went to pick up ..what I still thought was a stick with a little leaf on it- and at the last second noticed that this stick…. had eyes, and LEGS !!! EEEEEEeeeek!!!

Probably the coolest (and creepiest) little caterpillar I think I have ever seen… I guess critters like these are what will come along with the country life I so long for! 🙂


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