Day 200; A dream-will it ever become a reality?

Day 200 of 365; A dream-will it ever become a reality?

Do you recall me discovering a dream last year? If not, read this post & then read this post next…to refresh and get completely up to date.

Today I had the strong urge, after not looking at any house listings online for several months… to look again. So I pulled up my Awesome app on my iphone, typed in … Menomonie, Wi under 100,00 with 3+ acres..and up popped THE HOBBY FARM, JUST LISTED TODAY. Are you kidding me?!! Okay God… what are you doing>!!!

Prior to finding this listing again…. I had called a Realty Co. earlier about a home that is bank-owned in the area and talked with him a little about our home situation (ours still isn’t listed, would have to sell before buying another etc etc) And he said , first I think you really need to list your home for sale and then, maybe rent an apt. for a while, don’t rush into buying anything just because… and then everything will just fall into place and you will find the right home. I almost felt like it was a messege straight from God.

Then I Found the hobby farm listing. After it was taken off the market last Summer..and I felt SO defeated. This doesn’t mean we will get it, but it HAS to be some sort of a sign from our ever-so-amazing God.

Today was just a day…full of sunshine for me. I am really.. really enjoying house-shopping (maybe a little too much, I have toyed around with the idea of getting into investing and / or house-flipping,..but I think I just put too much heart into the work I do and projects around the house-and I could see myself getting quickly attached to a home I worked on-even if it was just to flip and re-sell!)

I thank God for today, I thank him..that I somehow had energy at 12:57 A.M. to even write this blog post, I thank him for leading such amazing people to cross my path in life…

And I trust, …I know…. that God WILL fulfill the desires of my heart. He will.


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