Day 169;Heading West {Road Trip to Colorado Day 1}

Day 169 of 365;Heading West {Road Trip to Colorado Day 1}

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Over the winter I had a strong feeling to go to Colorado, and near the end of June. At first I was resistant to this ‘feeling’ wondering if God had put this feeling in me to … take me 😮 Yikes! But then I trusted in him and this urge to head west and I started researching places in Colorado to visit.

A fellow Jeeper/friend suggested Ouray, Colorado- as I had asked where there were abandoned towns/homes to take photos of.

I was planning on going solo but then found out that my sister had the entire work off of week-so it worked out perfectly!

We headed out a little after 9 am and headed West, and being the adventurista and explorer that I am, I did NOT want to take the ‘normal’ way from Wisconsin to get to Colorado, so I looked at my map and chose to take I-90 East through Minnesota, & on into the SW corner South Dakota. We were on I-90 for OVER 500 miles without turning, it was amazing to not have to worry about checking the map and just going and enjoying our journey.

I looked at the map again on my phone and realized we were going RIGHT by Badlands National Park, so we ended up there right at sunset and set up the tent within the park.

We had a wet and rainy night, but this corner of SD was a PERFECT half-way point from WI-> Ouray, Co.

I am starting to realize that I really LOVE a laid back trip like this, just after the first day I was completely content and could have went home a very happy camper. But thankfully we had a full week of travel and adventures ahead of us


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