Day 161;Rock paintings

Day 161 of 365; Rock paintings

Growing up I remember the special times we would visit my Grandparents in Forest Lake, Minnesota. My Grandma had the most beautiful gardens full of flowers and rocks. She would occasionally let us pick out a small flat rock and paint on it, then she would place it in her garden. I always thought her rock paintings were SO beautiful-and always far better than mine! 🙂

Today I decided it was a good day to let my kids do the same, so I let them go out into my garden and each pick out a rock, then we came in and painted away… I used to paint all of the time {on rocks and driftwood} and haven’t taken time to do the things I love in a long time, so was the day!

Camryn happily painting....

Rayce..all smiles!

Happy Little Painters...

Finished; Mine, My sons, & My daughters.. 🙂


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