Day 156; Fresh air does the soul GOOD!

Day 156 of 365;Day 156; Fresh air does the soul GOOD!

4 hours of sleep.. no coffee. I was So tired, so exhausted this morning that I wanted to pull my hair out!

BUT I am a believer that life is ALL about your attitude. So I packed up the kids in my car and headed into Eau Claire to gather food for a picnic. We stopped at the grocery store and bought food from the deli- sandwiches, blueberries, salad, and puppy chow.

We then headed out to Tower Ridge Recreation Area , and had a picnic on the edge of the hill overlooking the beautiful valley of trees, and in the shade. It was a HOT day, but in the shade it was ok!

We laid on the picnic blanket looking up at the sky – what a glorious day God had given us, even though I was tired, God still allowed me time with my kids in the outdoors and once I was out there- my sleepiness completely vanished.

Camryn & I during our picnic. Photo by my son Rayce .. {All photos taken with my iphone & edited with Instagram}

My kids.. Camryn & Rayce..

..the view from our picnic spot..

..Looking up while laying down... kind of a day...

I took the opportunity to take a few photographs of my daughter Camryn in her new dress & her white wicker chair near some beautiful purple wild-flowers. (I will post those tomorrow, but for now here is 1 quick sneak-peek: Photo Dress made by “Butterfly Baby Place” )

We explored a little and then headed home… remember fresh air will do your soul wonders!

The result of a few hours in the outdoors & fresh air...!


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