Day 155; A new collection //Heart shaped rocks

Day 155 of 365; A new collection //Heart shaped rocks

A new collection of heart shaped rocks.. photo taken with my iphone.

Do you have collections? Or did you ever collect anything as a child? When I was little I didn’t really have a specific collection, but I did gather patches from when we went on vacations as a family, from park rangers, fire fighters, random places, random things etc. I still have them today (I havent kept much from my childhood, as I am working on minimizing) I am not sure if I will keep them forever, or do anything with them-maybe I’ll give them to my kids to have -or play with.

Back in November I had a girls weekend with my mom & sister up in Duluth, Minnesota. One of the days (a very WINDY day!) We headed north of Duluth to Tettegouchi State Park. It is by far one of THE most beautiful parks I have been too. We hiked along the cliffs, and as I walked out onto one cliff, It was SO beautiful-the sunset, Lake Superior, the clouds,..everything–and I just felt the need to LAY DOWN, among the rocks, dirt, everything.. and take it all in, so I laid down on my back and my sister did the same beside me.

We then walked down by the beach which was not a sandy beach, but a rocky beach,..full of little rocks of all shapes and sizes, my mother was in heaven-she LOVES loves loves rocks-and of course that is where my love for rocks comes from as well. I found a LITTLE heart shaped rock. I was SO excited. It made my heart smile. It reminded me of the love that God has for us, his love is everywhere we look-in every rock he has made. So I showed my mom, and I said “I should start collecting these!” Not thinking I’d ever find any more, 5 minutes later my mom said “I found one!!” So for the past 7 months I have been finding heart shaped rocks everywhere I go, and I have started a little collection..


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