Day 154; The calm of the color purple…

Day 153; The calm of the color purple…

I do not recall this, but my older sister has reminded me of it a few times. When I was really little, my big sister told me that I couldn’t like the color pink because it was her favorite… so I had no choice but to pick another color- so I chose the color purple. {This makes me chuckle, just a little bit}

Now I love every color, and appreciate that us humans can see ANY color at all. But the color purple, has such a calming effect. Many of my perennial flowers are now blooming out in my garden, and I just love looking at them. This morning after watering my flowers, I noticed how beautiful the Iris’ looked with the water drops on them.

I normally would have grabbed my big SLR Camera, but this time I thought I would try to take a nice “macro” style photo using just my iphone. I edited the photo using the Instagram App {LOVE Instagram, if you use it on your iphone make sure to find me on there; kel_marie }.

…{now tell me, does the color purple calm you?!}

To see a fresh image of an Iris in full beautiful bloom that I took this morning WITH my SLR camera, just visit here.


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