Day 142; Project Cam’s room // Part 2

Day 142 of 365; Project Cam’s room // Part 2

Working on Cam’s room again today, to see the first set of photos /Part 1, click here

All of the necessary tools for todays project {notice the mocha?! 😉 }

My daughter is 2 and knows how to use spackling, what an awesome little girl 😉 I figured she may as well help, since it is her room-I’m sure someday she will appreciate the time I took to teach her these little things, and enjoy seeing these photos as well 🙂

..also taught my 7 year old son how to patch up some nail holes….

Wall painting COMPLETE , it was a VERY long day… my husband was out of town so it was me and the kids-thankfully they were VERY very well behaved and as you see above, even helped…

My son learned a few lessons today,
1:.. wake up early and get projects done FIRST then you have the rest of the day to relax, It feels so good to finish something right away, instead of putting it off and worrying or thinking about what you have to do the whole day.

2:DONT RUSH ! I spilt an ENTIRE gallon of paint.. yep , me… I know! It happened in
s l o w m o t i o n. I bought a new painting ladder, and at the top is an area to place your gallon of paint -well a spot for a ROUND gallon, my gallon was not round.. let’s just say I made a clumsy mistake and moved the ladder TOO fast and the WHOLE gallon went S P L A S H, first onto the wall, I was like NOoooooo, then onto the curtains,..then onto the floor..the finally splashed onto my entire face and all over my hair. I couldn’t believe it, I was so shocked I just sat there and looked at the mess, as the rest of the paint was spilling out onto the floor…

Thankfully I’m a go-with-the-flow person, and called for the kids so they could get a look at the OOPS mamma did, and then we all laughed a little, I cleaned up and headed into Menards (AGAIN!) to get a new gallon.

So there you have it, Cam’s room project Part 2 COMPLETE. Next {hopefully today} I will repaint/touch up all of the trim.

Have a beautiful day everyone,


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