Day 135; Project Cams room: Part1

Day 135 of 365; Project Cams room: Part1

20 minutes & the old icky stained carpet in my daughters room was gone!!!! I looove having an old house with so many projects to keep me busy( am I crazy?!).
Next I will paint the walls ‘Turquoise Mist’ from Menards, touch up the trim, sand & paint the floors & add decor & finishing touches( including a big girl bed)

Here are pics from today…..

Ready to rip up the tack strips first^

^ Carpet is up after cutting in half to get out the door easier & lots of pulling against the strong tape..

^ padding & sticky tape is up!!!

^ What was under the carpet( always a surprise!) Painted brown floors & when I ripped up the carpet tape it revealed the floors were painted gray prior to the brown!

I still have a big project ahead of me .. but really looking forward to the transformation in my sweet sweet daughters room… stay tuned for Project Cams room Part2!!!


One comment on “Day 135; Project Cams room: Part1

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