Day 128; Oh Minnesota!

Day 128 of 365; Oh Minnesota!

My kids and I took a 2 day vacation to Bloomington, Minnesota to spend some quality time with my mother-who was also in the twin cities area for the weekend.

Saturday we met up with my mom, and took her to The Rainforest Cafe at the Mall of America, then let Rayce pick out a bucket of legos at Lego-Land for only $7.00! 🙂 We then ventured back to our hotel which was amazing & only a few miles from the Mall of America . We ordered a HUGE pizza for dinner that felt like it weighed at least 5 lbs!!! My mom went swimming with the kids & it was Cam’s first time in a real swimming pool! She LOVED it!

We rested in the hotel for the rest of the evening. I woke up early on mothers day and to my surprise found a Caribou coffee just a few blocks away -so I bought us both mochas/coffees and apple fritters!

A few hours later we headed to Ikea to have some more food! They offered FREE breakfast for moms on mothers day, it was delicious! We shopped, we dreamed at all of the fun stuff at Ikea….

Then the kids and I made our way home, taking the NON main roads home! Oh was it fun, a 2 hour trip took me FOUR HOURS! I found some awesome old barns, abandoned churches, and buildings-well worth the 2 hour detour 🙂

I LOVE love exploring the big city, but I also LOVE exploring the country. 🙂 I am thankful photography has given me a whole new set of eyes for everything I see !

Here are some photos from our adventure….{All taken with my iphone & edited with the diptic app} ..


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