Day 124; Defeated

Day 124 of 365; Defeated

“You’ve got to learn to survive a defeat. That’s when you develop character.” ~Richard M. Nixon

^ Old Dairy crate sits on my back steps with beautiful sunflowers resting inside. Photo taken with my iphone & edited with the Instagram app

I am not afraid to admit when I have a rough day! For it is days like these that I learn I need to lean on others and ask for help and prayer. I am not afraid to say that …
I feel defeated today. I know.. not like me. I woke up with THE heaviest feeling on my heart. It honestly took my breath away. I am beginning to realize, my Hobby Farm dream, is no where in my near future,.. and it brought me to tears. Why did God give me such strong visions, such strong desires for this ..if it’s untouchable right now?!

I have done so much work on this house, and I promised myself that 2011 would be a year of MAJOR minimizing, de-cluttering and getting rid of anything we don’t need {to prepare for the day the Lord tells me to JUMP into my future}… the house is looking WONDERFUL and I am anxious to start working on my gardens and yard work… I will put ALL of my effort into this home until God tells me otherwise. My heart hurts because I want my/a little farm/land so badly.. It hurts because I want it right now, my desire for my own land, my own own studio/barn to run my business out of, entertain friends at is SO strong it is slowly starting to eat away at me. And today it’s left me with the feeling of defeat.

But… I am reminding myself, I don’t feel God is telling me NO..NEVER.. I feel he is telling me, NOT YET Kelly..not yet.

If anyone has any bible verses that are uplifting or speak of defeat and/or strength, please do share!

Thank you & have a beautiful day,


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