Day 117; Adorable Two’s; Terrible Twos.

Day 117 of 365; Adorable Two’s; Terrible Two’s

“Whatever they grow up to be, they are still our children, and the one most important of all the things we can give to them is unconditional love. Not a love that depends on anything at all except that they are our children.” ~Rosaleen Dickson

Proof there is no such thing as terrible two's

I have two children, my oldest is 7, my youngest is 2.5. I have never seen the ‘Terrible Two’s’ that everyone speaks of. All I have seen is children , being..children, exploring, trying to express themselves in ways they know how, and finding out what works for them in their life. I have felt love, joy, and an overwhelming amount of fulfillment in my heart from my children, especially when they were around the 2 year mark.

There is no terrible two’s, they do not exist. Look at your child as a child of God… they are BEAUTIFUL creations. Just beautiful. When you’re child throws a tantrum, he is not being naughty, he is expressing himself {I mean come on, we ALL get angry from time to time, why judge a child when they get angry? I think we should focus more on how they throw the tantrum, hitting is NOT okay, but a little stomp of their foot is fine.. I am currently working on teaching my 2.5 year old ‘feelings’ using a feelings chart, and now when she is mad she tells me… “My mad at you momma” , or if I see something seems wrong, I will ask her , “How do you feel ?” and SHE TELLS ME! It is amazing:) }

I LOVE my kids to pieces. 2 is by far my favorite age {as of now} that both of my children have been. My daughter is such an angel and I have so thankful for both of my children and for the joy they brought into my life.

The photo above … makes me smile… yep, it makes me smile A LOT. Can you guess what the photo is of -we know it’s cereal in containers, but can you guess the story behind it?!! ! !

I want to hear your guesses… if I hear no guesses, 😉 I will tell the rest of the story by the end of today 🙂


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