Day 110; Stirring inside of me

Day 110 of 365; Stirring inside of me

Do you ever have a day ..where you REALLY feel something stirring inside of you? Something so great you can’t even explain it, or know what to do with it?! I am there today,..right now.

My head is EXPLODING with ideas for my business, …literally I have a migraine {pretty sure the migraine is just from a lack of sleep last night..} .. but I really feel God working in me, ..on me right now. These ideas I have, I can’t even share.. because I REALLY want to fulfill them and am afraid if I share- someone else will take them! I believe these ideas that are being entered into my mind are straight from God.. leading me in the direction I need to go. There is only one or two very special people who know the EXACT business plans I have for my future, and I only told them because I knew then,.. that they could see it too.. this vision that I have.

I know exactly what I want, exactly what I desire for my business.. anyone want to invest in me?! 🙂

My insides are stirring, my heart is being turned, twisted, my mind.. is overloaded with thoughts. I don’t know whether I should cry because I don’t know when I will finally be able to even TOUCH my dreams, or if I should smile, laugh and be filled with joy because I am even experiencing these feelings and being stirred up today?!

Ahh. Ok I guess……. I will embrace it,….so stir me up God. Add a little sugar too & cream too,


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