Day 107; These are a few of my favorite things….

Day 107 of 365; These are a few of my favorite things…

“We should come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day with new experience and character” ~Henry David Thoreau

Picture Frame made by 'Once Abarn A Time', Photo taken by me 🙂

So I am an adventurer, an explorer, a free-spirited-never afraid to try new things or go new places kind of a gal. Through my adventures, and random-drives I have come across many neat shops along the way.

And today, I wanted to share with you…a few of my favorite places to shop, eat, drink coffee, explore, and just be…

Exploring in Augusta, I found “The Wood Shed” which is an amazing store with Amish Goods, and beautiful home decor. I never leave here without purchasing {at least} one item. My 7 year old even likes the store, he says he likes how it “never ends” 🙂

Exploring on my way back from Augusta I stopped in Fall Creek at Becky’s Boutique and fell in LOVE, I picked up an amazing small child-sized white wicker chair and am beyond ecstatic to use it for photo-shoots, as soon as I walked in the store my eyes light UP at all of the wonderful treasures. The store is set up to please, the owners are fantastic, and the prices are perfect.

Another NOT to miss place in Fall Creek is Weavers Country Store, it is full of Amish Goods, Bulk items, and DELICIOUS bags of candies, nuts, chocolates, jerky, frozen blueberries and ..oh the list goes on and on! I have never driven anywhere near this store without stopping in. There is always something to buy here.

My favorite place to grab a mocha {in the winter} & a smoothie {in the summer} and relax , in Eau Claire, Wisconsin ; The Living Room Coffee House <– Search my blog for a whole days post JUST about The Living Room! Look for them on Facebook as well!

Meadowview Farm between Osseo and Augusta has a 2x/year Barn sale in the loft of a barn with vintage, antique and FUN finds, this is a place I have fallen in love with and I recently visited their sale shortly after I discovered MY own dream of owning a studio in the loft of a barn {and owning a small hobby farm}-when I visit their farm I feel so inspired to keep dreaming and NOT give up on this dream I see for myself.

Once Abarn A Time makes amazing items out of old barn-wood and has many neat items for sale in their shop, make sure to look for them on Facebook as well for lots more items! I recently just purchased 3 BEAUTIFUL barnwood photo frames from them, and I am beyond pleased and impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of the frames.

I recently just purchased {FINALLY} my Eau Claire County Parks Pass. A yearly pass is ONLY $25.00! I can guarantee I have already passed up that $25 this year alone (a single day pass is $3/day at each park) I am so excited to frequent all of my favorite parks as often as I’d like this Summer, and get to know the woods and water(s) a little better… my two favorite places to wander and relax out of the EC County Parks are; Tower Ridge Rec Area and Big Falls County Park.

I LOVE the Antiques Mall in Stillwater, MN. My son and I were on our way back from visiting my Grandpa in Forest Lake, MN and decided to shop a bit and dodged in the Antique Mall to get out of the rain–lets just say THERE WENT THE ENTIRE DAY (and my paycheck;) ) This is truly a never-ending place, next time I’m bringing a truck and some strong men to carry everything for me :o)

The place I stop at almost weekly {Seriously 😉 } is The Shed in Altoona, Wisconsin. It has an indoor auction and flea market hall, and MANY different booths set up with different vendors, open 7 days a week..and the items inside are always ever-changing. I love shopping here for photography props and just fun, one-of-a-kind items, this is one of my sons favorite places as well, he usually leaves with a smile on his face and some sort of new or old toy car.

Another place I go to almost weekly is The Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center AND The Building Hope store, these are GREAT places and the $ you spend there goes towards a wonderful cause. These are also ever-changing stores, and it is so fun to go here and see what is new each week. I have also picked up many unique items at both places to use as photography props.

Those are just a small sample of some of my favorite places ..and of course as I find more, I’m sure you will find a post about it!

Enjoy browsing the links I shared, and make sure to stop in and visit those wonderful places!,


One comment on “Day 107; These are a few of my favorite things….

  1. Kari says:

    “Dream with your eyes open” — words from my favorite artist, Tracy Porter.

    Thanks for the note about my barn sales…so sweet.

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