Day 105; Tv room complete!

Day 105 of 365; Tv room complete

Follow up to day 103, this is the after!!:)


^Above. I was trying to take a quick photo of the room after, and my 2 year old daughter came in the room right in front of my phone/camera and sat down like that, and said “My want to be in photo shoot too”

I chose the new color for the tv room to be a grayish blue- like the gray blue of a lake at sunset, or sunrise, like the deep grey-blue in the darkest part of a wave, and the distant part of a river. I was also aiming towards finding a similar color to my Grandparents home that sits on Forest Lake in Minnesota.. such warm happy memories being lake-side there, and now I have brought that INTO my home & into the room I frequent most..after painting and getting the room back together, I didn’t even turn on the tv. I just laid there on the couch looking at the color and remembering happy memories by the lake {by any body of water} and the sense of happiness this new color has given me is wonderful!

When you are picking colors for your home, .. think beyond traditional, think what will make YOU happy in YOUR space, don’t worry what others will think when they walk in,..decorate for yourself first and foremost,


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