Day 96; Did I really just survive {Wisconsin winter} ?

Day 96 of 365;Did I really just survive {Wisconsin winter} ?

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

^ A sign of Spring.. my car coming out from winter hibernation!

Wisconsin winters can be tough, even though sometimes beautifull, but for me..this winter was something else.. something that I felt I would never get through-that would never ..ever … ever be over.

It almost feels like a triumph to survive winter doesn’t it? Like.. I should receive some sort of award, or trophy.. or something,…. but then I realize, that with each robin I see hopping around, with each peak of a Tulip in my gardens, with each warm breeze promising me Summer, .. I realize.. that I DID IT! I made it through another Wisconsin winter… and all of the signs of Spring, are more than enough of a prize for me.


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