Day 94; Each moment = Beauty.

Day 94 of 365; Each moment = Beauty.

“Each moment of the year has its own beauty.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tonight I had a photo consultation..and on my way into Eau Claire…I couldn’t help but stop for 10 minutes at the boat landing/river 3 miles down the road from our house , stop and enjoy the view…

After my consultation, I was planning on going directly home after, but then I looked up …. up at the beautiful white fluffy clouds against the bright blue sky.. and my inner self leaped with excitement and I was suddenly hit hard by the urge to go explore, even with the really windy & chilly conditions outside….

I drove out to Tower Ridge Rec Area,.. and was just going to sit in the Jeep and watch the sunset, but then I looked..and the walking trail/xc ski trail was calling my name…

I almost always bring my boots/ or at least comfy shoes along in my vehicle in case I decide to go on a hike.. but tonight, …I forgot. So here I am… I jump out of the Jeep with my high heeled dress boots..and sink right into the mud.

Good thing I was alone, because pretty sure I let out a laugh…. and there I trekked through the deep snow and sloppy mud… this would be the first time I have hiked in shoes like these {AND the last!}

As I walked along ..each step my shoes got stuck in mud or deep slushy snow…but I kept going, until I came across this….

Little lonely bunny peeps in the middle of the woods....

I stopped and looked at the Peeps for a while.. they are my absolute favorite thing ever! Who would randomly leave TWO peeps here I thought?! Hmm…. So I walked past them down below into the woods, sat on a log and just looked around some more, and took in the beauty of an April afternoon.

Beautiful tree silhouette's

After sitting a while, I decided to head back in the Jeep and go up the road a few miles to Big Falls County Park…. this time the trail there was covered with at least 10 + inches of snow still!!! So I put on my tough suit and hiked in my heeled boots through the snow again and down the long long trail, through the woods…and over the rocks until I found a nice little place to sit and look at the raging river…

I sat and hiked for an hour and then started getting REALLY cold, due to the strong wind.. so I made my way home-taking some back roads-using no map, no gps, just my sense of direction..and oh was the sunset absolutely amazing, I followed it all the way home….

Sunset on the way home..

April is sometimes a dreary, long, cold, warm, wet, always-changing & can’t make up it’s mind -kind of a month… but if you look , you will find beauty in each moment of an April day…

Get outside and enjoy this month,

:All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within.”
-~Horace Friess

Photos taken w/ iphone 3gs, edited with Photoshop Express, Impression, and HDR Apps.


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