Day 83;A new Look at the weather {GREAT for kids}

Day 83 of 365; A new Day 83; Look at the weather {GREAT for kids}

These have got to be the NEATEST find I have found in a while. I was in Wal Mart looking in the clearance isle, and came across these Wireless thermometer’s … they tell inside, outside temps, frost warnings…

and then… they have either a boy or girl, and they change their clothes depending on the outside temperature!!! I think these would be amazing to put in a child’s room, to get them involved in the weather, and learn how to dress for what the weather & temperature is!

I picked up a blue/boy one for my sons room and a pink/girl one for my daughters room… I showed them both and they were BEYOND excited. Another plus is they also have a clock at the top, which helps your child tell and learn time as well.

WAY to go Weather Channel, I am super impressed and will be telling everyone I know about these!!!


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