Day 81; Prop shopping

Day 81 of 365; Prop shopping


Being a photographer, comes with a LOT of extra baggage! I am now entering into this whole new world of.. prop shopping, it is slowly becoming …an addiction. {yes I can admit it}

Every so often I wander the antique & thrift stores …just looking. Looking for something that catches my eye. When i go ‘prop shopping’ , I try to find things that will serve a dual purpose for me, something I can use IN my home or for my kids and then take it and use it for photo sessions as needed. But I try hard not to get something JUST for a prop.

But I know right away if something is for me or not, just jumps out at me, and usually I scan the entire store BEFORE I pick anything up and carry it around, just in case I find something that speaks to me more {and I only have a certain amount of $ to spend} .

Sunday my son and I were on our way home from my Grandpa’s in Forest Lake, Minnesota.. and we wandered through the antique stores in Stillwater, MN .. I am simply in love with that sweet little town {although crazy busy at times}. I found an amazing antique mall , that’s levels, areas, corners, nooks and crannies are endless and full of amazing antiques, and goodies.

Across the street and up one block we dodged into another store, not knowing what it was-but needed to get out of the pouring rain..stepped inside and it was yet another antique store {again endless levels inside}..and I came across the sweet yellow chair pictured above, it is just the right size for my 2.5 year old .. not too small, but not adult size. It is a hand made chair, so there are imperfections all over it {which I LOVE} and the spindle where the childs’ feet would rest is worn down, and to me..that tells a story ..I just love imperfect items. I would much rather have something that has feeling in it, something that has history, a story to tell.. full of love… than something that was just made in a factory.

I can imagine this yellow chair sitting out in a field of tall beautiful grass blowing in the breeze, and a sweet little girl in a pink dress sitting on the chair looking at the birds flying by. {That WILL be a picture to come this Spring, so be on the look-out}

Ah… prop shopping, it makes me eyes happy!


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