Day 76; Upcycling?! {DIY;Turn Trashed windows into TREASURE}

Day 76 of 365; Upcycling?

Have you heard of Upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

So today, I want to show you a few ways that I have ‘upcycled’ some old windows!

I spent $12 on both of the 6 panel windows from an antique/primitives store, and the other window I saved from someones garbage off freecycle.

The prints I purchased from my printing company, and the decal was on clearance at Menards for $7.

I now have 3 walls in my house newly and cheaply decorated, with great character!

Here is what I did,

Cleaned off the windows with windows and also lightly rubbed the wood/painted part to brush off any lose paint.

Trimmed down the 8×10 photos and fit them into each section with tape on the back side, turned them over, …and hung them up!!! I don’t usually attach hangers to the back of my frames, as the big chunky ledge makes a great secure resting spot for any nail.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time for you to try it yourself! This is such a quick, easy and cheap project with beautiful results that will be a conversation piece for years to come! (and the best part is, you can say you did it all by yourself!)

Good luck,

p.s. if you do try, let me know, I’d love to see your creation!

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