Day 75;I am here again

Day 75 of 365; I am here again

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Morning Sunrise + Fog in Rock Falls, Wisconsin

Ahh.. This SUNSHINE, it makes me so HAPPY! I had the day off of work today, so after I got my son on the bus, I snuck out of the house before my husband and daughter woke up {they both like to sleep in, so it works great since I am an early morning adventurist 😉 )… and I headed to get a mocha, and went for a walk to my favorite sitting/thinking space. I took some photos, and said some prayers, and sipped my mocha. It was still crisp outside, and the ice was just starting to melt away…but with the sun shining down on me, I felt entirely filled up with happiness.

Do you lose yourself over the winter? Because I really feel like I had over this past winter, one of the reasons I would love to move south.. so my soul could dance in the warm sun all year long. But today, …this morning when drinking my mocha, I felt my soul jump back into my body.. Spring is coming, I can be me, I can explore, I can.. just be one with nature again… Oh I have REALLY really missed my walks, my photography adventures, driving around…and have missed … many things from Summer-time.

The sun fills me up, I could sit with it shining down on me on my thinking bench ..and just take in deep deep breaths of the crisp yet sunny air and feel it enter into my soul, filling me.. and as it does this, I have returned from a long long winter and…I am here again.

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Photos taken w/ iphone 3, edited with impression app.


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