Day 70; I have an epiphanie! {Beautiful Camera Bag}

Day 70 of 365; I have an epiphanie! {Beautiful Camera Bag}

The Lola Camera bag, from Epiphanie

This beautiful camera bag arrived all carefully wrapped on my door step yesterday. As I opened up the box my 2 year old daughter SQUEALED with excitement {Which is why I have included the photos of her in this post, the images were taken as she saw the Epiphanie bag for the first time!}

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Not only is it amazingly beautiful, fashionable, and is very very useful and practical.

My Lola and I had our first adventure together last weekend, there she sat in the passenger of my seat..she kept stealing my attention off the road {yikes!} because I couldn’t stop looking at her.. so I had to put her in the back seat! 😉

This bag is a combination of my two favorite colors, lime green + turquoise blue-the colors of the sea/beach glass..the colors of the decor in my home…and most likely the colors of my soul.

I would highly recommend Epiphanie camera bags to ANYONE looking for a stylish and practical camera bag all in one. I normally don’t even like carrying purses around, but this one..I truly LOVE!

So, I think it would be a wonderful idea for you to go get your Epiphanie!



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