Day 68; Changes in the weather (& your life)

Day 68 of 365; Changes in the weather (& your life)

I made a post a while back titled , The Weather Will Change, but I was sick and had NO energy to post any more than a photo that day. So today I am going to touch on that topic again, a little more in detail.

It is snowing a beautiful constant snowfall outside right now, even though I want Spring so badly, I can not help but look up at the snow with amazement, …how beautiful it is.

Sometimes in life , we experience seasons, we go through different ‘weather’ phases, ..some days in our hearts the sun is shining, some days..the weather takes a dramatic change and we feel like a dark gloomy cloud is hanging over us.

Just like the real weather, the weather in our own lives is ever-changing, and sometimes we can’t always predict our life-weather, but on gloomy dark days, we can know in our hearts , that the weather WILL change, and some day soon it will be sunny again in our lives.

Remember..the weather will always change,


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