Day 62; Mountain memories

Day 62 of 365; Mountain memories

My dad found the picture above while he was cleaning house. He picked it up when we went (my mom, dad, and myself) on a 3 week vacation to Alaska- it took us one week to drive there, we had one week there, and then one week to drive back.

This particular picture is of British Columbia, Canada. The mountains were breath taking and all of the lakes there are a turquoise green/blue -it was so surreal.

I have been longing to take a trip to see the mountains again, I won’t be traveling to Canada. But I will be packing up my car this Summer and heading to Colorado. I have no set plans, no set towns to go see.. I will just…go and just… be. Me, my tent and my camera. I can not wait. I need the time to just be with God, to hear him speak to me and give me some clarity in a few areas of my life.

Do you enjoy visiting the mountains as well? What is your favorite state/place to vacation in mountainous areas? {Or better yet, in Colorado} Please share! 🙂

I am an explorer by fate, not by choice 🙂


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