Day 61; Rearrange as the seasons change. New Home for No Cost.

Day 61 of 365; Rearrange as the seasons change. New Home for No Cost.

Ever since I can remember, when I was little I would rearrange my room, as often as my parents would allow. There is just something new, something fresh, something that makes me happy about rearranging my space.

If you are not looking to go out and spend a couple hundred dollars monthly, or even seasonly to give your home a fresh new look every now and then. I have the solution, but ONLY if you are willing to have an open mind.

Most likely your home, garage, barn, or attic is PACKED full of treasures and stuff, right? When you are looking to change something in your home, why not take a walk around every room in your house and look for something that you can take out of one room and add it into another? Or look for something in that barn, or the garage that you can take out and re-use in a room in a whole new & creative way?!

My friend had once teased me and asked “Do you use your home as a way to tell time & rearrange it with the seasons?”

Well.. actually, YES I kind of do.

I can guarantee you that if you come to my house to visit me this month, the next time you come- some things (maybe even a lot) will be changed, rearranged and different than when you visited here previously.

I am a work at home mom, I have 2 kids, do daycare for one child, and am running my own photography business. So when I am home ALL day I need to feel inspired in my space, I need to feel like I’m not in the SAME space every day, so rearranging and changing things around is my way to feel new.

Just last night I wanted to change some things in both my den/tv room and living room/play room, so I walked around the house house looking for items to pull out of those rooms and bring down into the rooms that I frequent most. I gathered up about 6 wooden crates and used them for shelves, sitting on the floor for a neat way to display toys, and one hanging on the wall to hold a non flame candle. (See yesterdays post for images)

I also rearrange the images on my walls a lot as well, depending on seasons and how I’m feeling.

I’ve mentioned it time and time AND time again, that you have to keep an open mind when decorating your home,…it is KEY to having your space become beautiful and simply just YOURS. 🙂

Your space is yours, do with it what makes you feel good, inspired and completely happy, but there is no reason to run out and spend $100’s of dollars, look WITHIN your home and your space to renew and refresh other spaces, and Shop your own Home!!! 🙂

Have Fun!

This dresser below I pulled out of my bedroom, it was an extra dresser and just taking up space. I brought it down into our living room/ play room and now use it as storage for my kids toys! It works SO great, my daughter gets to keep her toys in the bottom 2 and my son keeps his in the top 2 drawers. It is a great way to add detail and texture to my living room while hiding away the messy toys (but keeping them easily accessible to the kids!)

This chest I pulled out of my daughters room and now have it sitting in our tv room as storage for blankets and now it serves as a side coffee table w/ storage!


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