Day 59; DIY! Make your own glass bead magnets! Easy How-to with pictures & steps.

Day 59 of 365; DIY! Make your own glass bead magnets! Easy how-to write up with pictures & steps.

Magnet Completed!

I love doing crafts. Ever since I have started my photography business, I have set aside my crafty self for a while, and guess what I FOUND HER AGAIN!!! πŸ™‚

Everyone wants cute refrigerator magnets right? Sure you do! Well, for less than $10.00 & a little bit of time, you can make TONS of them all on your own.

How to Make Glass Bead (Flat marble) magnets:

1.) Gather your supplies;
a.) Flat clear Marbles/ Glass Beads (I picked mine up in a bag at The Dollar Tree for only $1.00/bag)
b.) Toothpick (or two)
c.) .5 inch round all purpose magnets (purchased mine at Michael’s for a couple of dollars)
d.) Magazines/patterned paper of all kinds
e.) Old Table cloth/ paper, or newspaper would work as well.(to work on so you don’t get glue on your table! I found my table cloth in the clearance section @ Wal Mart for only 50 cents!)
f.) Clear Glue (I bought ‘Liquid Fusion’ Clear Urethane Glue from Michael’s for a couple of dollars)
g.) Scissors
h.) Your Creative Self & maybe a friend πŸ™‚

Supplies Needed for Glass Bead Magnets

2.) Get images Ready;
Take one glass bead with you when browsing through magazines or on your patterned paper, and set the magnet over the images in the magazine you are thinking of using to see how they will look once you apply them to the bead. If you like what you see, cut out the images/paper into a circle that will fit under the glass bead.

Apply Images & Magnet;
Place your bead flat side UP. Take your toothpick and dab it into the glue bottle, then lightly spread a very thin layer of glue onto the bottom of the bead.

Adding the Glue

Apply your image/cut out IMAGE SIDE facing AWAY from you, lightly pat down your image to make sure it is all covered in glue.

Adding the image

Then take another dab of glue (bigger dab this time) and place the dab onto one side of a round magnet, then place the round magnet on top of the picture/paper and lightly press.

Adding magnet

Adding Picture & Magnet

4.) Dry & use;
Place your magnet on a flat surface to dry. Make sure surface is flat or magnet will slide a little sideways.

Letting them dry

Once dry, put them on your fridge, and then have fun with them, think of them as cute gifts for all of your friends, put 6 of them into an Altoids tin to give as a gift, or 1 or 2 in a small Altoids container for a special gift for someone.

I made up a quick batch today, and my husband even helped! {NEVER did I think I would see the day he would sit down and do crafts with me!} He cut out some images from his Car magazines for my son to use in his room on his magnet board.

Here are the final magnets (for today.. this is really addicting, and I plan on doing more again very very soon..also planning on making some with my own photography in the next few weeks or so, if I do, I will make sure to make a new post and add some images of how they turned out!)

All of the finished magnets from today!

Now go get crafting, and grab a friend or one of your children to help you! This would be a fun project for kids between ages 7+.

Images taken with iphone 3gs & edited with impression app.


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