Day 58; A boys simple request. Airplanes.

Day 58 of 365; A boys simple request.

7 years ago today, I had a belly the size of a perfectly little round basketball. My son is turning 7 next weekend.

I always pride myself in taking the time to make my childrens’ birthday cakes. Over the years for my son I have made a ‘Cars’ cake, Jeep/Off road cake, Dinosaur on a dirtbike cake, monster truck cake.. I think I’ve covered almost all of the transportation cakes… so this year I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he said AIRPLANE CAKE!

So.. we went out on a hunt for little Airplanes, and he picked out two Matchbox Planes , that are ‘winter’ type planes, so ..a winter airplane on a small mountain cake I will create.

I then continued to ask him what he would like for his birthday. He said he wanted an airplane, ..well.. sorry sweetheart but mommy can’t scrape up the change from the bottom of her purse for a plane, I thought… but hmm.. what about an airplane RIDE!?

So yesterday we headed to Heartland Aviation in Eau Claire and he was ecstatic to be at the airport and even more excited when they gave him an airplane key chain, which is now proudly hanging from his coat zipper.

I now have lined up to take him on a 30 minute airplane ride on his birthday (or some day soon after depending on weather)!

I am not sure who is more excited, me or him?! Airplanes have always fascinated me, ..always. Something so beautiful about defying gravity and defying the fact that we were made to live ON the earth, and an airplane takes us above this world, above what was supposed to be..and gives us a chance to dream.

I am very excited to be sharing such a special memory with my son, and am happy that I am giving him a gift that doesn’t take up space in his room, doesn’t cause clutter..and most of all, leaves a memory in his heart, and mine.

Check back Thursday/Friday to see the details of the birthday cake I will be making him, AND make sure to check back next week to see photos of his first airplane ride!!!!! 🙂


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