Day 57; A day of antiquing I will go

Day 57 of 365; A day of antiquing I will go!

Today I am on a mission, I am only bringing with $40 in CASH and my 6 (almost 7-he reminds me of this daily 😉 ) year old son, and heading out to local thrift, junk and antique stores. There are a few things I have in mind that I need for my home-but as I have mentioned before, it is always a good thing to go junk shopping with an open mind!

Check back later today to see what i found for just $40! Until then, have a wonderful Saturday! 🙂


Well folks, todays’ day of antiquing= spending only $2.98 at the antique/thrift stores on a blue gas can from the wonderful store Building Hope (another part of Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center).

Every time you go thrifting, don’t feel you HAVE to spend the cash you have. Some days you may not come across anything that catches your eye, or that speaks to you , and that is okay. So do what i did with the left over $, and take a wonderful someone out for a delicious lunch. (and then use the rest to FINALLY purchase curtains for your living room, and a new shower curtain) 🙂

A bad day thrifting = A Ok with me. 🙂 Good night!


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