Day 47; Is it a mess in here or is she just using her imagination?

Day 47 of 365; Is it a mess in here or is she just using her imagination?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ~Pablo Picasso

My daughter Camryn was SO happy when my son went to school, she ran and got all of his cars and knex and they kept her happy for hours in a row.

I usually like to keep toys out of the tv room, my attempt at having one adult space in the house!

I was in the shower and came out to see what you see in the photo above, in the TV Room.. at quick glance it looked like a mess, like she had just thrown toys all over the place! Your first reaction might have been to make her pick it all up .. but upon inspecting her “mess” further, I realized that she had specifically placed each and every car and put a KNEX piece in front of every car!!!! Take a look again at the photo! 🙂

I asked her what she was doing, and what those pieces were for in the front of the cars… just curious what her thoughts were for doing this {Remember she IS only 2.5} and she said “Cars GO Faster!”

In her mind-she was creating NEW cars by placing the knex pieces in front of the cars, she thought it would make them go faster. Now, ..this WAS after she had finished watching the Disney Pixar CARS movie :o)

So,..don’t be so quick to judge that what your children are doing is a mess, or is even wrong at all..take a second may just realize that they are just being a child, and using their imagination. 🙂


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