Day 33; God is bigger than this

Day 33 of 365; God is bigger than this

“God Can Dream a Bigger Dream for you… far Beyond anything You could ever Imagine” ~ Oprah Winfrey

My faith in God has really been tested this week with being in so much pain, before I went into urgent care last night, I stopped at my favorite park and stepped outside a few minutes to just breathe in the (freezing cold and blowing) air.

It was important for me to check in with God before I went into my appointment , and the only thing that seems to get rid of the pain is cold.

It is so easy to forget to pray, isn’t it? We just hope we get better, we hope for the best.. but we forget to pray, and today I was reminded by the Veggie Tales, that GOD IS BIGGER than this, God is bigger than my pain, he is bigger than any sickness I, or anyone may have… and I give it all to him.

Here are some photos from my time with God before Urgent Care…

Today, my pain is God’s, it is in his hands, I know in my heart that he is much bigger than all of this pain I am feeling…and remember in your life, no matter what you are going through, that God is bigger than your pain too.

(please note I will get back to longer blog posts once my health is back to 100%) Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers, I am still in severe pain in my head, jaw and neck and hoping the medicine kicks in soon, right now they are only making me nauseated, but God is bigger than nausea too! 😉 )

Photos taken with iphone 3, edited with instigram.


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