Day 31; Dear Mom,have my cold.

Day 31 of 365; Dear Mom, have my cold.

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

“Mommy, I love you SO much I shared my cold with you!” He said, and then reached over and gave me the biggest hug and the picture above.

My son Rayce is just…something else, really. Every time I , or someone else is sick near us, he is so compassionate and understanding. He understands that I don’t feel good, and may even be a little bit sad because of my sickness.

Just when I felt like crying and falling apart this morning.. because the sinus pain was hurting so bad, he went and drew me that picture.

As a mother this winter, I have been taking care of sick little ones non stop, recently my daughter Camryn was hit hard with an ear ache and strep, then my son just got over Pnemonia and Bronchospasm, and now..
..I have a terrible Sinus Infection that is making my neck, nose, and head BURN with immense pain.

But I can’t stop, I still have to drag myself out of bed to get my son off to school, feed and take care of my two year old, and maybe just maybe find a few minutes to soak my neck with hot water in the shower.

I have learned so many things as a mother over the past (almost) 7 years of my motherhood, but one of the biggest things that a mothers love never ends, never stops, no matter what-even if mommy is sick, she will still take time to make sure her little ones are taken care of.

And the same goes for children, a child loves no matter what..and a child sometimes loves you SO much that they will give you hugs , draw you pictures that cheer you up, and even..share their colds with you.

I wouldn’t change being a mother for anything-and I’m saying that, sitting here with intense head pain, with the 2 minutes of free time I found today, and a 2 year old whose face is covered in Nutella… but I love every second of motherhood..yes, even when my children are generous enough to show their love by giving me their colds.

Photo taken with Iphone 3G , picture drawn by my 6 year old son Rayce. (He said the picture is of him and I on an adventure, climbing a mountain in the snow!)


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  1. You have very nice photographs and interesting perspectives. It’s a great website. Great quotes.

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