Day 30; The way things were…

Day 30 of 365; The way things were

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream.” – Kahlil Gibr

I came across this vintage can yesterday for $4 at a thrift store and couldn’t pass it up, I knew exactly where I would place it, and what I would use it for….

It now has a very happy home on the side of my red barnwood entertainment stand with yellow flowers inside, in the Spring/Summer it will host fresh picked flowers.

This is a great example of having an open mind when doing home decor, and re-purpusing items for exactly the opposite of what they were originally intended for, something I LOVE to do.

I did some research on the can and found out that the company has been in business since 1911 in Winona, Minnesota, and is still in business today;

I think vintage and antique items give a home beautiful history, such character..and a link to the past-where we can imagine a simpler time and think about ..

So go on a hunt this week and look for something old-something that tells a story , and try to think of ways to fit it in your home as home decor -it will be pleasing to the eye, and a conversation piece about ..the way things were.

More quotes;

“Use it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or do without.”

I collect antiques. Why? Because they’re beautiful. ~Broderick Crawford

Photos taken with Iphone 3 & edited with Photoshop Express.


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