Day 27; Family

Day 27 of 365; Family

“We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

As I was going to put her to bed, she ran as fast as she could across the hardwood floors , yelling “tooortle wit toortle wit!” Grabbing her two plastic toy turtles and one toy dinosaur she put her hands up to me and said “Momma Carry you”, which translates in adult language to “Momma, Carry ME!”

I then scooped her up like the little doll that she is and carried her up to bed. Where she insisted she wanted to be rocked before I set her in her crib.

Turtles and Dinosaur in hand I rocked that little girl for 5 minutes,.. then 10, then soon I was just listening to her bedtime music and just staring down at her sweet little face , her hands gripping her toys for dear life, ..and smiling,… 30 minutes later..thinking how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, sweet daughter. …

….. How lucky I am to have such a wonderful Family.

Family is something most of us are surrounded by daily and I think it is so easy to take our family for granted, whether it be our children, spouses, or extended family.. God put each and every person in our families for a specific reason, he wanted us to hold a bond that no one else could hold together.

Tonight’s messege is sweet, short and simple.

Tell your family you love them, take an extra 30 minutes with your chlidren-sometimes just sitting in silence can mean more to a child than anything… if you can be silent with someone, it is then that your hearts speak to each other.

Be thankful for your family- love them, hold them, hug them, thank God for them., and take time to rock your children to sleep, while they grip onto their toy turtles and dinosaurs. For that is how memories are made.<3

“I would rather do nothing with you, than do something with anyone else.”


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