Day 25; Winter blues… [Add Sunshine to your home & life this winter]

Day 25 of 365; Winter blues… [Add Sunshine to your home & life this winter]

“One kind word can warm three winter months.” ~Japanese proverb

The days are long, dark, dreary and cold. And flip flops or driving with the windows down are no where in sight.

What is a girl to do who loves being barefoot in the grass and picking fresh flowers during these long, cold winter months?

Here are some of the top things that I have done so far this winter to beat my own winter blues (yes, even happy go lucky me..gets the blues sometimes)

1. Bring the outdoors in.

I LOVE gardening, I could spend days in my garden, planting and rearranging rocks/stones and yes even the dreaded weeding- gardening is amazing therapy (I’m sure I will most likely write a blog about that come Spring time) Before Winter I gathered some rocks from my gardens, washed them off and brought them inside- so I could have a little bit of the outdoors with me .. I set them on my bookshelves as book ends, some inside of a large jar , and then some just scattered on a dining room side table. These rocks remind me of Summer and the days that I picked them from along the lake..and make me smile! Of course you don’t have to bring rocks in if you don’t like, anything natural will work to remind you of the Summer Days you miss… twigs or birch tree branches in a tall vase on the floor in a corner, or even feathers.

2. Flowers!

I have started a very small collection of fake flowers and plants – I only put out a few at a time, and depending on the month/occasion I rotate them. But all you need to do is run to The Dollar Tree and grab a bouquet (or a couple different colors to make a ‘wild flower’ bouquet) and throw them into an old tin pitcher, or vase of your choice. Adding bright flowers to your home in the winter months will really bring the sunshine in (I recommend yellow!) and cheer your soul up. If you don’t like way fake flowers look, get some and put them up high somewhere you will still see them, but not see the ‘fake’ detail in them-like on top of a kitchen cabinet, OR head to your local grocer or floral shop and buy a bouquet of fresh flowers, maybe once a month-treat yourself, yes it is okay to buy yourself flowers!

3. PAINT & refresh your walls!

Don’t let the fact that it’s winter stop you from working on the inside of your home.
There are many low toxic and safe paints to use during the winter months when you can’t have your windows open. Giving even one room a new look during the long winter months will not only refresh your space, but your soul. Maybe pick a room that you frequent the most during the winter and spice it up with a little bit of color, so when you enter that room you feel like YOU and can relax, and feel happy in your space!!!

^ My Dining Room as it currently sits today. 🙂 Fresh coat of soft blue wall paint & bright yellow flowers in old blue tin pitcher.

4. READ and RELAX!

Gather up some magazines that inspire you-many of the current magazines are already talking about SPRING! (YAY!) & are full of many bright images that will cheer you up and give you sunshine in your day. If you can’t afford the new magazine sticker price, check your local thrift store, they offer many used magazines for usually around .50 cents a piece! Also think about purchasing a new book that will inspire you.


Okay so this is a simple one for me, I am officially hooked on coffee. Not only does it wake me up in the mornings (and yes, some afternoons), but it just warms my soul and my heart,..there really is something about curling up next to the fire with a warm blanket, magazine and a mug of something warm to soothe the winter blues. Don’t drink coffee? Grab some hot chocolate, or better yet hot apple cider!


Yep.. I said it, get outside and explore this winter. It is cold, but if you dress for it, you will be having so much fun exploring that you will hardly notice your red nose or cold toes. Take a winter hike, watch the winter birds, and take some winter photos, …don’t want to get OUT in the cold? Then take a winter drive and look at the beauty in the forests and how they change in the winter months. But most importantly get out of the house!

Those are some of the things that have helped me get through this Winter and I hope I have inspired you to embrace the winter months and toss away your winter blues!

“The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love.” ~ Margaret Adtwoo


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