Day 21; Roads

Day 21 of 365; Roads

“I drive a lot. Just for pleasure. Sometimes I’ll get in the Cadillac and drive around the city or the country, kind of trying to get lost basically. Y’know, just see where roads lead.” ~Frank Black

I just LOVE driving. When I bought my first car back in 2003, HAD low miles on it, but I just couldn’t resist driving it around every country road ..I had every back road in Menomonie memorized at that time.

Something about driving, about roads.. just calls my name. I always have to allow extra time to get anywhere I go, because I tend to wander off the main road if I see another road that looks interesting, a lake, a river, a trail… my poor son sometimes (or again.. maybe my lucky? son) when he goes on drives with me to get to one destination, I usually stop at 3 + places along the way, not just to take photos , but sometimes just to see where the road goes, or what’s around the next corner, or to just sit and enjoy the view.

I feel SO thankful I was given another opportunity to explore this weekend… I have my two kids along, and a 3 hour drive took us about 5 hours, because we stopped at several parks along the way, and of course stopped at McDonalds to keep them happy little Jeep riders.

I love winding roads,… you know the ones where you can’t see what’s coming next? I just LOVE those….

Maybe I have chosen the wrong career as a photographer and should become a truck driver, so I can drive all the time? 😉 Okay okay… maybe not, but maybe I should expand my advertising area for photography so I can do some traveling + photography at the same time.

I don’t need to travel far to be happy, I am simply content with driving on roads nearby , roads around Wisconsin + Minnesota…. but lately I feel a strong pull to travel ALL of Route 66 From start to end, .. Illinois –> California .. I can’t even imagine how amazing those roads are on that Route. I hear that it takes 4 days from start to end.. so I would give myself at least 2 weeks to travel it there + back…. Anyone game to come with? 🙂 If so, you better be ready to venture off the main roads, explore some abandoned towns, and have NO plans along the way… because I will be stopping often and randomly 🙂

This year I have made myself a promise that I am going to explore more roads, new roads ,… I suggest you try it too! You can still head to work.. but just take a new route, allow yourself an extra 20 minutes, grab a coffee on the way… and take your time, & breathe it all in.

Besides all of the photos I took with my iphone today, I also took a lot of Sign + Road photos with my regular DSLR Camera, and those will be up on my Photo Galleries next week sometime.

So……. here are some photos from my Road Travels today…….. hope you enjoy (remember these are taken on an iphone!)

Scraggly Tree Forests in Northern Minnesota; (I just LOVE the trees up north!)

“One always wonders about roads not taken.” ~Warren Christopher

All photos taken with an iphone 3gs & edited with Photoshop mobile.


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