There IS a place like home! ~ The Living Room Coffee House

Do you ever find a place, cafe, restaurant, store, etc where you just really, truly feel at home? Well I have, and I wanted to share it with all of you, because I think this is a place you must visit if you’re in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area (or would like to come for a visit!)

I came across The Living Room Coffee House when heading to my first DR’s appointment during my pregnancy with my daughter Camryn in the Spring of 2008, and decided to stop in for a smoothie after my check up.

Walking inside I could just feel a sense of peace about The Living Room. After ordering a small lunch, a delicious smoothie & just sitting and relaxing and looking around, I knew I had finally found a place where I could relax when away from home.

I soon visited often & after every pregnancy check up, using The Living Room as my peaceful quiet place to relax, think, and reflect on life.

My daughter Camryn is now 2 years old, and I still enjoy visiting The Living Room as much now as I did during my pregnancy. My 6 year old son loves joining me there as well, and loves TLR’s smoothies & playing games with me while we enjoy delicious sandwich’s and mouthwatering chips.

Ron & Michelle are quality business owners, and set a great example for everyone on how to truly live your life– the way you have dreamed and with big smiles along the way.

The photo above is a photo I took in December of 2010 of Michelle, one of the owners of The Living Room Coffee House.

The Living Room is a place I will always enjoy and will continue introducing my friends & family to, a place where I meet my photography clients at, and a place I am proud to show off & say “this is my coffee house” the place that feels like a home..away from home.

If you would like more information on The Living Room Coffee House, find them on both Facebook & Twitter, visit their website here or stop in for a visit at their main location;
2006 Cameron Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703

Also this month make sure to pick up a copy of Queen of The Castle Magazine to read an article about Michelle & see one of the photos I took for the article. You can read the magazine online

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