Day 11; A Son’s Love

Day 11 of 365; A Son’s Love

“boy (boi) n.- a male child, lad, youth, not yet a man, often a magnet to dirt, toys, and adventure.”

I was blessed with the discovery that I was pregnant to a little boy almost seven years ago,… that same little boy has now grown into my adventure buddy, my run around the yard like silly-heads buddy, and my compassionate, loving, & caring Son.

Often times it’s hard for us to go places as a whole family, our little 2 year old isn’t quite ready for hikes in the woods in the dead middle of winter, or many of the adventures that I enjoy. But my 6 (amost 7) year old son has grown into my greatest adventure buddy, he will go anywhere with me, I say “Let’s go on an adventure” and before I finish explaining where we are going, he has already ran to the door and started putting his shoes (or in today’s on. He never complains, and keeps his eyes wide open like me, noticing things up, over, under and all around him.

Tonight I needed to head out to Big Falls County Park to check the snow/river conditions for an upcoming engagement photo session. So I packed up my winter gear and my son into my Jeep and we headed out there JUST as the sun had set, there was still enough light to make our way down the snowy filled trail ,..the snow was well past our ankles, but we followed some snow-shoe tracks in, to get to the river/falls. I saw what I needed to see, and by this time dusk had completely set in, so we turned on our flashlight and lit the trail to find our way back to the Jeep, taking our time along the way to keep our minds off the dark & unknown woods by making shadow puppets on the glimmering snow with the flashlight and our hands.

As I was shining the flashlight down onto the snow at our boots, he said “HEY ! I never knew that snow sparkled!!!” All I could do was smile, these are the things children need to learn-this is the place children need to learn things , is in the great outdoors, ….real learning adventures. Do you realize how much a child could really learn in just one day in the outdoors? The learning/teaching opportunities outside are just..endless!

After we jumped back in the Jeep we headed back into Eau Claire for a delicious sandwich and warm drink at Panera Bread and warmed up by the fireplace, then finished off the evening reading books at Borders.

If you have a son, or daughter… take time to embrace the outdoors with them, even in the cold winter months .. if you dress for winter and bundle up, winter really isn’t all that bad, plus it gives you another great opportunity to take your son/daughter somewhere for a warm cup of hot chocolate after your adventure together and talk about the silly things you did , and what you encountered while you were out exploring.

I am already looking forward to the next adventure with my son. What adventure will you plan next for you and your child(ren)?

Some more fun quotes for the day;

“Mothers of Boys work from Son up until Son down.”

“Boy; A noise with dirt on it.”

Photos taken with an iphone 3gs , and edited with the PhotoTreats App.


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