Refresh A Room in one weekend

I thought I’d take some time this morning to write about the painting project that I did this weekend.

(note..this is not part of my 365 Days Challenge πŸ™‚ )

I grew up with a very hard working and motivated father.. I have memories of him working out in the garage with the table saw and my sister and I in our pink nightgowns sweeping up the saw dust and helping him any chance we got(Or anytime he asked!) The sounds of hammers, chain saws, table saws, & drills, is comforting to me..I just LOVE hearing them, it is like sweet music to my ears. I am so thankful I had a father who taught me about the value of hard work and how to do things myself. I am a very independent woman. I have a husband yes, but I’m always trying to do whatever I can myself before I ask for his help, it is just in my nature to try,…. that and I get such a good feeling of satisfaction when I know I did something myself. It is such a joy to look back on a project that I completed myself , and to say I DID THAT!!!!

I am really drawn to painting and small remodeling projects, like I just mentioned- I love being able to do something myself and to change something dramatically with just a few simple steps. And you CAN TOO! I challenge whoever you are, to try to change something in your home this year (I would say this month, but I don’t want to be pushy πŸ˜‰ ) maybe it’s just re-painting a small wood chair to sit in the corner of the room for an accent (throw a stack of books on it, and set a candle on top of the stack..just an idea πŸ™‚ ) Or maybe just updating your main entry way with a simple change of paint color. You can do it, I promise, it’s not as hard as it looks!

Just the thought of painting or projects might overwhelm your mind, but I can guarantee you, that once you muster up the courage and motivation and get everything set up and ready to go,..

……..after that first swipe of the paint brush when you start to see a transformation, you will get drawn in..

and then the next thing you know, you are finished, you can clean up your supplies, and sit back and look at what YOU just did!!! You completely changed a space, made it new again, and gave it life. GREAT JOB!.. now go wash that paintbrush! πŸ™‚

This weekend I was given a painting project of a Master Bedroom, the room was all white, and the color the owner chose was just beautiful , it was from Menards and called ‘Turquoise Mist’ it was a pastel light turquoise and is a very relaxing and calming tone.

Here are some before photos of the Master Bedroom;

This photo below shows a small blank wall between the window and the built in bookshelf, when you first walk into the room & walk by the room if the door is open, this is the first area you see ..a GREAT spot to place a wall applique. They are easy, cheap and simple to use (& remove) & a great way to add detail to a space where you won’t be placing any furniture or hanging photos;

Master Bedroom AFTER ;

The wall applique below was purchased for under $20 at the Eau Claire ShopKo. They are such a wonderful way to make use of a blank space that can not be used for anything else, to give an accent in an otherwise forgotten place on a wall-especially since it is placed near the lower half of the wall, it draws your eye down instead of just the normal look straight ahead at photos which are usually placed in the middle of a wall. These appliques come in MANY designs, sayings, quotes, etc and some would even make a great bed headboard replacement. { I also recently purchased a wall applique for my sons bedrooms for only $1.99 on clearance at Shop Ko!}

This room would also look great with some sort of art above the bed & above the closet as well to finish it off, and a few yellow accents throughout the room-maybe even just a vase of tall yellow flowers in the corner nightstand near the bed & also some natural driftwood/log style bedside tables would add some great natural texture/style to complete the natural lake-style bedroom. (but I will leave that to the home-owner!) πŸ™‚

So, there you have it folks… a complete room transformation in one weekend.

I for sure could have had it done in one day.. I am a very hard worker, but I also enjoy taking breaks and getting rested and refreshed during my projects. I think it’s so important to take time to refresh your soul with some coffee, snacks, & breaks………. below is a photo of the recipe to have a perfect day of painting/projects;…..

,……. and make sure to take time to look around you and see beauty within your projects……

I hope this gives you some inspiration and motivation to try a painting project in your own home! If you decide to work on something, leave a comment-I would LOVE to hear about your project(s).

Have a wonderful day!


2 comments on “Refresh A Room in one weekend

  1. Good job! My husband and I always have some sort of house or outdoor project going. I only need to get the house cleaned.

  2. Ah yes, cleaning… that is a WHOLE project in itself. πŸ™‚
    How great you & your husband have projects together. I love outdoor projects as well, I am anxiously awaiting spring so I can work on some yard work!

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