Day 9 ; Sunshine

Day 9 of 365; Sunshine

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”~Helen Keller

Sunshine makes me smile. Even in the midst of winter when the days are cold and short, I still feel like running around dancing and singing to Sheryl Crow’s “I’m gonna soak up the sun.” [see video below]

This photo was taken in Duluth as I was getting into my Jeep to head back home, the docks are pulled up onto the shore and out of the water, the ice fishermen (and women 🙂 ) were out fishing, and it was such a warm winter afternoon, I just sat and soaked it all in.

Why is it that sunshine is like medicine for my soul? (Is it for you as well blog readers?) I am a person that can see happiness and the good side of just about everything. I even embrace rainy days and love sitting on my porch steps during a storm and hearing the rain fall, but sunshine just ..warms me right up , inside and out.

Wait let me revise what I said above…, Sunshine AND Water make me smile. I could sit by the waters edge with the sun shining, for an entire day and just stare at the water and not get bored. It is so calming, relaxing, therapy almost (not that I need therapy, but hey…… who doesn’t need some think time every now and again?!)

If we sit and focus on whats wrong in our lives, what we are not content with, not satisfied with we are stuck in the shade of life, and those negative thoughts are pulling us out of the sunshine that we could be enjoying,.. it is shining right next to us but for some reason we refuse to step into the light that was put there for us to enjoy.

So starting TODAY, ,..yep right now, do what you can to stay in the Sunshine in your life, and GET OUT OF THE SHADE! 🙂

Good Night!

“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.”~Frank Lane

Photo taken in Duluth, Minnesota ; The St Louis River, using the iphone 3GS & edited with the Instigram App.


2 comments on “Day 9 ; Sunshine

  1. Sunshine is vital to our wellbeing, I feel. I’m sure that the water reflecting the sunlight must concentrate and maximize your exposure to the healing rays. And, if you ingest significant amounts of Vitamin C alongside lots of sun, it can be very mood-enhancing. I’m gonna get some sun tomorrow! And orange juice, lol!

  2. 🙂 Very true. I think I am in need of a large glass of Orange Juice this morning as well-good idea. Sometimes I get orange juice cravings!

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